This is the end ….. of the cope15 MOOC

Dear cope15 learners,

it was a pleasure to get to know you, to read your comments, to see the results of your research and of course to discuss your footprints. In Austria we say: “When you like it most you should stop” 🙂 Six weeks of learning, discussing and reflecting are enough, and we wish you a pleasent time after cope15.

bye, bye Jutta and Natasa

3 thoughts on “This is the end ….. of the cope15 MOOC

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  3. Dear Jutta, Dear Natasa and Dear cope15 Team, Dear Learners,
    it was an outstandig pleasure to dive in the MOOC experience with you. Thank you for your guidance, patience and presence. Well done!

    A special “Thank You” goes to all my MOOC’s fellows for contributions and opinions, even if the amount of reading stuff was overhelming, this was a valuable enrichment for me.

    I wish you well in all your activities and challenges and .. who knows “maybe on another fire in another night to see you again” – that’s the polish retranslated vers from the song you could hear below 🙂 🙂


    • Dear Ewa, thanx for your kind words and the music – Auld Lang Syne Boogie – is great 🙂 Jutta

    • Thank you Ewa! 🙂
      For your very active participation and for the good music 😉
      All the best!

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