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Dear MOOC learners!

Last but not least, some numbers regarding participation rates might provide you another perspective on the learning in MOOCs.  From all enrolled at the beginning, only 20% really start with the MOOC, 7.5% reach midpoint and 5.4% stay to the end.

From our research and available numbers from the COPE14, the drop out rate was with 36,9 % lower than expected in MOOCs. 91,5 % students indicated that they learned something new, most of them answered that they learned new facts and concepts (strongly agree and agree: 90,9 %) and got new in-sights and perspectives (84,7 %). Around two thirds of participants (68,8 %) stated that they have learned something unexpected. Most of them found comments of other participants most interesting (72,6 % strongly agree and agree), and they found video most informative (77,8 % strongly agree and agree).

Here I would like to draw your attention to our final questionnaire and ask you kindly to contribute with your feedback to this research. Every contribution is important and helps to get a better inside into the MOOC learning experience. I am very curious about the results this year.

There are personal and cultural differences in learning – attending the MOOC you can see how different people and different cultures prefer to learn and thing about your own preferences.

There are different levels of participation:
– visitors (only visit, don’t do anything else),
– auditors (look into material, but they do not do much more),
– participants (who also submit at least one exercise) – congrats on your submissions!

Curiosity, open mindedness, explorative and experimental spirit, some amount of digital literacy, self discipline, being able to allocate enough time for participation, want to communicate internationally and exchange of opinion, are students characteristics and necessary competences that contribute to the positive learning experience in the MOOC.

Be curious, take every chance to design and shape your learning & enjoy the process as well as the result.

Hope to see you next year in a MOOC & all the best, Maja

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