Time for your questions about week 5 and 6 to come

Dear cope15 learners!

Please post any questions you might have about week 5 or 6 here and make your learning experience as rich as possible.

Denny Seiger, your facilitator of week 5 on inter-organizational relationships and networks, will meet us in the Hangout On Air (HAO) videoconference tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th of May, at 6pm, to sum up all important aspects of week 5 and answer your questions. As usual the videoconference will be streamed live on YouTube☺.

Maja Pivec, one of the facilitators of week 6 on transfer into individual contexts will also participate in the conference and will introduce us to the last and one of the most important weeks of the cope15.

Jutta Pauschenwein will be also facilitating in week 6, but unfortunately she cannot make the HAO tomorrow. You will certainly meet her online during the week and in the next and final HAO next Thursday, the 28th of May.

All the best,


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