Don’t forget to check your timetable

Dear cope15 learners!

May is one of my favorite months not only because of the warm weather and the beautiful nature everywhere, but also because of the many holidays and long weekends ;-)!

Photographer: Tina Mossböck

einfach anders : just different (by Tina Mossböck)

Please note that due to the holiday’s week 5 is a bit longer this time and will run until this Wednesday, the 20th of May. Week 6 is also prolonged and will run from Thursday the 21st until Friday the 29th of May!

Don’t forget to check the Timetable with all important times and dates for the two last weeks and videoconferences.

In week 5 on inter-organizational relationships and networks we have at about 93 active participants online and there is quite some interaction going on!

Best wishes,


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