Denny’s Feedback for week 5

Dear learners!

When we did this MOOC for the first time last year only a few people participated in my week with postings. I had asked for too many activities and for some participants who were not studying or practising business also the issues were too foreign.

There could not be a starker contrast to what’s happening this year. Although there are just three activities (instead of seven last year) the number of postings has increased tenfold or more. Not only this, also the quality of the content is excellent! I strongly recommend to have least a quick look at each posting and read those in detail which add new aspects. Also look up the links to the ressource. They are really full of insights!

Now, after more than half of the time has passed, I can see that the subjects of supply chain and networks and business ecosystems have been covered in great detail. I’m also extremely pleased that exploring these subjects has obviously been new and rewarding for so many of you.

Obviously, adding interesting information becomes harder towards the end of the week. One issue which I still find is not covered enough is HOW companies can establish ecosystems and how they should or can position themselves.

Looking forward to your contributions!

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