Social network analysis of learners’ interaction

The cope15 MOOC is already in week 5 and despite the holiday on Thursday and the weekend learners are solving Denny’s assignments, whereas we moderators are looking for learners’ interaction. With help of my team I got the data of week 1 and 2 to analyze the interaction in the cope15 network.

week1-all-ass cope15-all-ass-week2

It’s nice to see that the interaction evolved from week 1 to week 2. In week 1 there were more isolated discussions between groups of 2 or 3 persons. According to my hypothesis these people probably new each other before the MOOC. Whereas the graph at the right side tells us that in week 2 a network is forming. There are these small, not-connected discussion groups of 2 and 3 people as well but there in the middle of the graph there is a large display of connected nodes. A click on the pictures gives you a deeper insight into the graph.

I’m curios how this interaction will develop in the next weeks of the cope15 MOOC.

About the data

I’m using the software Gephi. The graphs show the interaction between the cope15 learners via comments at the website. This means that if somebody fulfills the assignment by posting a comment to the corresponding website this activity is not visible in the graph. But if another person answers to this comment, if he or she gets into a dialog then you can see two nodes and a connecting directed line in the visualization. So the graphs are showing all the discussion processes between people learning in cope15 but not between people and the website. Actions of the moderators and facilitators are not visualized.

Some further infos about the social network socialization:

  • Week 1: 110 nodes, 110 edges – average path length 1,773 – average clustering coefficient 0,017 – modularity 0,795 – 18 communities – network diameter 6
  • Week 2: 148 nodes, 196 edges – average path length 4,211 – average clustering coefficient 0,022 – modularity 0,671 – 17 communities – network diameter 11

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