Welcome to week 6, the final week of the cope15 MOOC

Hello brave cope15  learners!

A MOOC is a challenge concerning time management and sleep management, so maybe some of you are happy that now the  final week will start. (The cope15 MOOC is also challenging for us moderators and facilitators). On the other hand you and we got used to browse the cope15 website for new comments or interactr in facebook. Therefore it’s also a little bit sad that we are now in the last week of cope15.

To help you deal with this emotions Maja and I have developed some nice tasks for the final week. We invite you to:

  • reflect what you have learned (you know if you don’t  find time to think about your learning in the MOOC you will forget everything!)
  • plan how you will proceed with your new competences
  • and decide how you will say goodbye – you would never leave a face-to-face workshop where you have learned together with others for six weeks without saying a word, wouldn’t you? And it’s similar in an online course – so let your imagination run and say goodbye in your unique way.

Additonally there is a last activtiy for learners who want to get the badge.

Choose your way along the beach, Jutta and Maja

Link to week 6: Transfer into Individual Contexts


“Three Graces” from Niki de Saint Phalle

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