How will I get a badge in cope15?

Many learners are active at our cope15 website and some of them are asking how to get a bagde? Here you can find an overview what you have to do. I want to state that I try to monitor your activities during these weeks using large lists to collect your activities, and doing some social network analysis to identify busy learners 🙂

ass4-anonym-kleinInteractivity in Assignment 4 of week 1

To get a badge you should invest enough time (5-10 hours) per week and you should share your ideas at the website or in one of the communities. It is not obligatory to fulfill all assignments but you should get in discussion with others about the topics of a week. We appreciate it if you post links to additional materials and explain why these materials are useful.

You have a flexible schedule and it’s ok to do some topics too late, unfortunately there will not be a lot of dicsussions if everybody else has already moved to the next week. It is not enough for a badge if you invest 30 minutes at the end of a week and write some sentences.

In week 6 you have to document your activities and reflect your learning processes. To prepare this you could collect the urls of your comments (it’s combined with the date of your comment). I’m looking forward to the next interesting 3 weeks in cope15, Jutta


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