Results of the week 1 questionnaire

60 learners, mostly students from Austria, but also some livelong learners from Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Russia, Chile, … answered the questionnaire of week 1, thank you!

For most of you it was the first experience with a MOOC. You are learning in cope15 using your laptop, only 8,33% are using the mobile phone. And you prefer posting at the website (95%) (which I like 🙂 ).

15% gave the feedback that after one week you are well organized in cope15, 69% stated that it’s ok, that you are a little bit confused but you can manage. (And now in week 3 I hope that everybody succeeds in managing cope15 without too much effort!)

Some of you would prefer smaller classes and / or more detailed informations about what to do. I’m sorry but it’s what a MOOC s about that you don’t learn in a small class and have and abundance of stuff to read and learn and it’s your responsibility to choose! Take a look at How to learn in this MOOC.

I’m happy about these feedbacks:

  • …they answered my questions well and fast,
  • the videos helped me a lot to learn,
  • moderators are very motivating and concerned,
  • ….the facilitators did a very good job!
  • … I guess the communication was really good between participants and moderators.

And to improve your learning in cope15 you mentioned

  • improve my time management
  • follow all the posts (also on facebook)
  • participate regularly in the MOOC
  • join the discussions more often

And somebody proposed to “collect all provided material on one page together” – this is a nice idea and we will collect the main material at one page at the end of cope15 to provide an additional overview.

PS: One person mentioned “broken links” – we are checking the links continually but nobody is perfect, please write a comment if a link doesn’t work.

Have a nice holiday – and if you are curios about a very preliminary social network analysis of assignment 1 in week 1, klick here, Jutta



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