This is the end ….. of the cope15 MOOC

Dear cope15 learners,

it was a pleasure to get to know you, to read your comments, to see the results of your research and of course to discuss your footprints. In Austria we say: “When you like it most you should stop” 🙂 Six weeks of learning, discussing and reflecting are enough, and we wish you a pleasent time after cope15.

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Welcome to week 6, the final week of the cope15 MOOC

Hello brave cope15  learners!

A MOOC is a challenge concerning time management and sleep management, so maybe some of you are happy that now the  final week will start. (The cope15 MOOC is also challenging for us moderators and facilitators). On the other hand you and we got used to browse the cope15 website for new comments or interactr in facebook. Therefore it’s also a little bit sad that we are now in the last week of cope15.

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Time for your questions about week 5 and 6 to come

Dear cope15 learners!

Please post any questions you might have about week 5 or 6 here and make your learning experience as rich as possible.

Denny Seiger, your facilitator of week 5 on inter-organizational relationships and networks, will meet us in the Hangout On Air (HAO) videoconference tomorrow, Wednesday the 20th of May, at 6pm, to sum up all important aspects of week 5 and answer your questions. As usual the videoconference will be streamed live on YouTube☺.

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Week 5: Learner’s links and materials

Dear cope15 learners,

With about 100 active participants in week 5 on the topic of inter-organizational relationships and networks and 3 assignments you have researched, shared and used for your own specific learning aims a vast amount of internet resources!

digital_tree_transparentResources are currently being collected and documented on the webpage at Week 5: Learner’s links and materials. Please let us know if you miss important links you would like to have on the list.

Keep up the good work 😉



Don’t forget to check your timetable

Dear cope15 learners!

May is one of my favorite months not only because of the warm weather and the beautiful nature everywhere, but also because of the many holidays and long weekends ;-)!

Photographer: Tina Mossböck

einfach anders : just different (by Tina Mossböck)

Please note that due to the holiday’s week 5 is a bit longer this time and will run until this Wednesday, the 20th of May. Week 6 is also prolonged and will run from Thursday the 21st until Friday the 29th of May!

Don’t forget to check the Timetable with all important times and dates for the two last weeks and videoconferences.

In week 5 on inter-organizational relationships and networks we have at about 93 active participants online and there is quite some interaction going on!

Best wishes,


Social network analysis of learners’ interaction

The cope15 MOOC is already in week 5 and despite the holiday on Thursday and the weekend learners are solving Denny’s assignments, whereas we moderators are looking for learners’ interaction. With help of my team I got the data of week 1 and 2 to analyze the interaction in the cope15 network.

week1-all-ass cope15-all-ass-week2

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